Adult swap stories of llactating mothers

He could make my breasts squirt milk at his mouth and his chest.

Or he could reach up and suckle on them as I slowly fucked him. And would occasionally become jealous of the baby having his breasts.

I would awake in the middle of the night to find him suckling on them. He insisted on me being naked in the house whenever we were home. He would suckle them and become stiff hard while doing it.

He would let the fluid run out of his mouth and down my breasts and then he would fuck my breasts with my fluids and his jism mixing together. It was either doggie style where he fucked me hard or having me on top where he could have his hands on my big belly and on my engorged breasts and watch them jiggle as I rode his hard cock.

He immediately came back to me and fucked me so deep and hard.

He could only thank me for giving him the last piece of my body to him.

That evening our lovemaking was the most passionate ever.

He got a small tube and taped it to the inside edge of my leg and put the opening of the tube next to my clitoris.

And he made me lay down and propped my head so I could watch.

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