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The 1,130 articles by 51 authors cover such aspects as business districts, neighborhoods, buildings, and historical topics. (see IFB 99-B09-592) Schriftsteller in Sachsen-Anhalt [Authors in Saxony-Anhalt]. Illustrations and (a few) maps enhance the articles.Cultural phenomena (especially Carnival customs) and popular expressions are also featured. ISBN 3-930264-45-5: EUR 19.80 [05-1-236] The author is an attorney in Cologne and lecturer at the Professional School of Public Administration of North Rhine-Westphalia. An 80-page appendix offers a chronology of French history, with subdivisions on political economy, society and culture, research and scholarship, education, and the press.Thus, the latter contains a considerably larger number of articles, mostly longer and with more information on current literature, justification for moving the Bosl from the reference collection to the stacks. Selection criteria for inclusion in the encyclopedia were that the person must be Jewish (with "Jewish" defined as broadly as possible), be no longer living, and have a significant connection to Berlin. ISBN 3-525-18241-4: EUR 48.90 [05-1-230] This biographical dictionary provides background information on lawyers, judges, and other persons active in jurisprudence who were born in the area of what is today Lower Saxony. The focus of the volume is on the 20th century and the present, but the main events of French history are discussed thoroughly (e.g., Affaire Dreyfus, Commune de Paris). Attention is also given to art and culture, with entries for important cultural entities as well as for such items as French films, comics, and the chanson.Period coverage ranges from the second half of the 16th century to the present day, and lesser-known individuals have been included as well as more recognizable names. The dictionary contains 491 entries, beginning with the 14th century. Major national research institutions, archives and libraries, and also the various media, including radio, television, and individual publishing companies (e.g., Gallimard and Grasset), are included.We arrive at the conclusion that the emergence of algebra as a general problem solving method changed the scope of what is considered recreational in mathematics.Questo saggio tratta di una sottoclasse di problemi ricreativi risolti tramite memorizzazione di una semplice regola risultante da una soluzione algebraica o aritmetica, chiamata regola proto-algebraica.Unfortunately an index of professions is lacking and would have been second only to the index of places in importance. Yet some figures are not included who may be found, for example, in the Groe bayerische biographische Enzyklopdie (see RREA 2). Otherwise, this set is appropriate for academic and scholarly libraries. ISBN 3-503-06184-3: EUR 125 [05-1-245] The Frankreich-Lexikon provides impressive proof that the printed book still has a future.

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Many articles lack references, and a bibliography of important works about the city would also have been welcome. It begins with Johann Stephan Ptter from Iserlohn (1725-1807), and concludes with biographies of Carl Schmitt from Plettenberg (1888-1985). The type font and format of the Frankreich Lexikon make it easy to read. The reviewer focuses on information taken from the DBE directly over into the Groe bayerische biographische Enzyklopdie (GBBE). 1 CD-ROM (available only with the complete print ed.) ISBN 3-937904-20-4 (CD-ROM), ISBN 3-937904-14-X (CD-ROM with print ed.): EUR 120 [05-1-224] This three-volume chronological history of the city of Munich by a long-time staff member of the Munich city archives is based on the meeting records of the city council, including financial records of the city treasury, dating back to 1318, as well as relevant scholarly materials. Since all of the content of the DBE and its spin-offs exist in digital form in the Deutsche biographische Enzyklopdie & Deutscher biographischer Index (Mnchen, 2001see RREA ), it is not difficult continually to select content according to different criteria and, to avoid the criticism of purely selective duplication, to augment this content with new articles and updated and expanded older articles, as the case may be (this action limited in large part to the bibliographical references).Unfortunately, indexes for topics such as careers are not included. An introduction to the history of law and legislature in the area of Lower Saxony complements the dictionary, as well as historical maps of the di? [sh/ao] With this publication Cologne joins a host of German cities that are subjects of comprehensive reference works. Halle: Frderkreis der Schriftsteller in Sachsen-Anhalt, 1997. It would be desirable to include the remaining regions, even if they are not as politically turbulent.[sh/kb] Niederschsische Juristen: ein historisches Lexikon; mit einer landesgeschichtlichen Einfhrung und Bibliographie [Jurists from Lower Saxony: A Historical Dictionary; Including an Introduction to Regional History and Bibliography]. Like the others, it attempts to strike a balance between scholarly and popular treatment. (Literaturbro Leipzig, Haus des Buches Leipzig, Gerichtsweg 28, 04103 Leipzig). The encyclopedia is easy to use and includes information often lacking in similar works, such as postal and internet addresses and suggestions for further reading.

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