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Early in the 20th Century, Russian growers spearheaded the breeding and selection for disease resistance and high oil content. Long beloved as part of the rural landscape, sunflowers have been embraced by gardeners as an ornamental plant relatively recently.

Responding to this interest, breeders in Germany, Japan and the U. have developed types particularly suitable for home gardens.

When the European settlers arrived, they immediately recognized the value of sunflowers and sent seeds back to Europe.

There they found a place in English cottage gardens and even Van Gogh's paintings.

Bony skull destruction as seen in cancer of the head and neck has been found, too.

Our oldest description of cancer (although the word cancer was not used) was discovered in Egypt and dates back to about 3000 BC.

They are remarkably tough and will grow in any kind of soil as long as it is not waterlogged.

So it’s no surprise that from the dawn of history people have written about cancer.

________________________________________To grow smaller flowers for bouquets, space plants much closer together?

about 6 inches apart in Maine, or as close as 2 inches in dry places like Arizona. The plants will be much smaller, with fewer branches, but the stems will be longer and flower heads a good size for arrangements.

The Roman physician, Celsus (28-50 BC), later translated the Greek term into cancer, the Latin word for crab.

Galen (130-200 AD), another Greek physician, used the word oncos (Greek for swelling) to describe tumors.

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