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At 28.5 x 4 x 13.3 inches or 725 x 100 x 340mm (W x H x D), 23 pounds (10.4 kg), and built out of durable composite wood, the TV5 can support "any TV that fits on its 725 x 340mm surface," according to Cambridge Audio's website.

While I wasn't able to test that bold claim, after seeing the unit in action, the realist in me would guess the best TV size to sit on this unit would be around 55 inches.

It’ll fill larger rooms more easily thanks to the greater scale it’s capable of with that second bass unit, and it does so with an openness that makes it one of the more immersive viewing experiences you’ll get at this price.

Take the final battle scene of and you hear that extra low-end come into its own instantly.

As ever we’d recommend playing around with them to find a sound mode you like most.

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Cambridge Audio describes the TV5 as a “step up in size and sound” from the TV2, and they’re right on both counts.

It features the same no-frills, functional design as its stablemate, with a matt-black chassis and cloth grille front covering the same dual 57mm drivers.

It is, of course, bigger, measuring 18cm wider than the TV2 (making it 73cm), but the main difference between them comes in the form of the TV5’s second downwards-firing 16.5cm bass driver.

It's only been a few months since the Cambridge Audio TV5 breezed its way to a five star review, but with a recent price drop bringing it to within £50 of its smaller TV2 sibling, we thought it was well worth another look.

Ultimately, the TV5 is a larger version of the Award-winning TV2.

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