Dating site based on breast size

Whenever a man asks me my bra size, I have this standard answer: The only reason you need to know my size is so you can give me your valid credit card number so I can buy a very expensive custom made bra-still wan't to know my size?

and hey if they tha dumb to ask that well then they jsut that dumb but this is a website to hook up with people and some guys that might be a deciding factor for them i personally wouldn't hook up with a flat chested women but there many way more inportant things i wanna know first and you could alays figure that out when you met them*****OP, Never, it is not socially acceptable to ask that question.

At one point I posted my bra size so they wouldn't have to bother asking me. So the end of this is to not HAVE any to ask about. Now I know why women are afraid of me, the jerks out there just make it harder for me and the real men that what a real date.

Those who feel it is are socially acceptable men/women.

I will use the Credit Card number reply next time someone asks me though. My parents taught me never to used foul language around women period dating or not dating. The sex talk is jerky talk my immature men who can't figure out that you have a brain, heart, feeling and others things God gave you with.

It's the social equivalent of women asking us how much we earn, what do we do for a living, what kind of house do we own, what kind of car do we drive, etc., etc. I know that if I was asked that question I would probably do 3 things: laugh a lot, ask him about his penis size, then leave. Reading some of the stuff that goes on makes me suddenly very happy I'm not dating.

I'd almost feel it was an appropriate response to such a question, if it was asked. did u rly think ur reply wud get u "in" there with her It should not be acceptable. It is just a juvenile attempt at being 'witty", usually made by a half wit. that they love looking at women’s boobs fantasizing dirty thoughts about her half the time without her even knowing he’s even doing it.

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