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Help the princess using luxury beauty and shower products before she can dive in the pool. Now that she's a human being, Mermaid Princess wants to experience everything that the land has to offer, including the finest nails spa in the kingdom. Victoria, as a modern designer, knows that fashion trends always return, so you shouldn't be surprised that she's planning on a retro makeover as her latest look. Have fun with makeup and dresses in a new makeover game!Join Hero Ellie and help her relax by taking a bath, there's nothing more calming as a spa treatment. The fairest of them all loves spending time with her little girl, testing face masks and creams can be a fun activity for the mother-daughter duo, won't you join in on the fun? Jessie has a lot of friends who are fashionistas, but following the rules can be so boring and that's why she decided to take a little risk and try on the rock star style. Our enchanting princess needs to get her nails done before the ball, can you create a spectacular nail art just for her?Let's help her cleanse and tone her skin using the facial masks and toner. Give the perfect makeover to this blonde princess because she is going to college and she needs to look flawless!

Jasmine, our Arabian Princess wants to get rid of the heat so she will spend her day at the pool.

Barbie needs your help because she's pregnant and can't do her activities by herself.

For the start, she wants a spa treatment to bring back her smooth skin. Anna wants to look beautiful this summer and she is ready to try a makeover with professional makeup products.

Three theatrical movies were made as a result of the show's popularity: Didi: Stu! Stu: Then why do I always get teamed up with Howard?

Tommy: When Megelatron tried to steal all the water in the ocean, did the Mega Hyper Heroes 'play something else'?

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