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In his home, police found materials referencing foot fetish websites and a journal of Long’s prior encounters, which rated various boys on their attractiveness and seemed to indicate Long’s knowledge, or guess, about whether they were minors.

And he actually wasn't forcing girls into prostitution, either. But the case made for some unusual courtroom arguments, invoking both a Catholic papal tradition and the ultra-violent 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction" as the parties explored just how a man should be treated for a peculiar personal predilection for feet.He called it "amazing" that the state would try to bootstrap "consensual, unusual, non-sexual" activity in a 40-year felony.Assistant District Attorney Abbey De Siato called some of that argument irrational and said Long simply has a foot fetish, so a judge can reasonably infer that Long got sexual gratification from having the boy lick his feet, or from kissing the boy's feet.Wagner also stayed Long's registration as a sex offender until after the March review.If you are a lover of foot worship and leg love, if your cock aches each day for women’s curvaceous legs and sexy feet, then this is the premium site for you!

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