Jesse mccartney dating aubrey oday

Is it tough being a white guy putting out this kind of R&B style? It’s something that has taken a backseat for a long time because the making of this record was pretty full on. Jesse Mc Cartney: Well, I was probably 12 years old and there was this big audition for the new boy band. Literally, they cut a few people every day for 3 or 4 months. Jesse Mc Cartney: [Laughs] I’m not putting a ring on anybody’s finger yet. Your first single is “Leavin”, what is the next single you plan on releasing?Jesse Mc Cartney: Well, I mean a lot of people don’t do it, but I think Elvis Presley is to blame. Even growing up as a kid, I think he’s such a soulful artist and he’s a white guy. But it’s hard because there’s no one to compare me too really. You got Justin and Robin Thicke, but it’s not a big lane. That’s what they called it – the new hot boy band or whatever it was. There’s been a lot of buzz about you and Aubrey O’Day and we saw a couple things with Perez Hilton. Jesse Mc Cartney: Well, the story is we went out one night after a big show in New York – Aubrey and myself and my band and some of her band mates. Jesse Mc Cartney: I think it’s gonna be “How Do You Sleep?His talent extends far into the entertainment industry with roles on the past television show, “Summerland,” and in the films, “Keith” and “Alvin & the Chipmunks.” With the ability to make any girl consider “Leavin” their man simply by singing a song, Jesse has no problem capturing people’s attention musically, emotionally, and artistically. It’s the perfect balance between the old sound and the new Jesse.Talented in all facets of the industry, Jesse is more than your typical triple threat. I think it’s really cool that it’s like techno too…. Jesse Mc Cartney: It definitely has some electronic. I haven’t really locked anyone down full time or nobody’s locked me down full time.In yet another effort to attract younger viewers, the producers of CSI Crime Scene Investigation have cast teen idol Jesse Mc Cartney in a leading role for an episode due to be broadcast during the February...Selena Gomez was joined onstage by her boyfriend Justin Bieber last night ().They have good management and organizational skills.

” I think we wanna catch one more upbeat, summer song before we go in for a ballad. I think overall people adjusted and are supportive of this new look and this new sound. Women everywhere motivate us to create, love, be passionate and be the best we can be.

” and “It’s Over.” With Jesse serving as co-writer of several of the songs on the album, listeners get a deeper look into the mind of a true artist. So we’re very excited about you coming to Pittsburgh. So there could be some more collaborations in the future. I need my fans to sort of ease into the situation and ease into where I am musically and mentally.

Even with massive success in the music and songwriting business, Jesse has chosen not to draw the line there. That’s why I think we went with “Leavin” as the first single.

The sounds of his latest album “Departure” shy away from the pop tunes of his past solo albums and showcase the emotions and experiences of a mature adult. But also just musically it’s a big departure…the style of the music. I think overall, it’s just a bit more soulful, which was my biggest goal going into this record. [Laughs] To go along with your album, did you really get “Departure” tattooed on your back? I have a bunch of songs that I’m working on and certainly Leona has opened a lot of doors for me as a writer. Writing…it’s tough though because I’ve been working on my stuff. It hasn’t gone through yet, but I’m working on getting somebody pretty big for my next single. You said before that your music is a little bit R&B influenced. Jesse Mc Cartney: Yeah, I definitely see it getting more and more R&B for sure and in the future.

The vibe of the album is a product of Jesse’s transition into a more R&B style, which is evident on songs such as “How Do You Sleep? I wanted the fans to see and hear the growth and that’s what we did. I’m planning to get someone to feature on my next single. Also, there’s a few other acts on other labels that people have approached me to be featured on their tracks. I feel like part of me wants to be there now, but then there’s that switch in my brain that I have to turn off and remember that I can’t do it all at once.

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