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We’re famous for Cheap Trick, for consistently being voted the worst city in America by Money magazine and for Cheap Trick. Q: When you play places that are out of the way do you see a Des Moines effect like the South Park episode where everything in Des Moines is 10 years behind the rest of the country?? A: Hmmm…really because nobody can fit in their old concert t shirts from the 80s including me because we are all fat now. Q: Eddie comes off as the everyman of the show to most people and gave us super long winded detailed answers to all of our questions, Don gave us short answers but is super cool to all of his fans and tweets and facebooks constantly with all of us, he’s in an acoustic death metal band and is mr. Do the other two super nicey nice guys set you up to be the Captain Asshole of the group?Do you ever wanna make them walk through the crowd and insult people cause it seems like you’re doing a lot of the heavy lifting?? I don’t go online for extended periods of time unless I’m looking at porn.It usually stems from because I’m a manly man and and first women are attracted to that and then 6 months later they try to change me into a pussy and I resist. I like to listen to metal, drink beer, and tell dirty jokes.They get aggravated when I won’t watch Glee, drink wine, or stop cursing. Accept and Rose Tattoo Q: You look like the member of the show most likely to be able to do multiple pull-ups. Topics Discussed: Jim Norton’s New Jersey apartment with black mold; Bob Levy eating blue cheese from girls’ buttholes; Extreme Elvis; Gwar; Charlie Hebdo; Ted Nugent says he wants to kill the president; Ted Nugent hunts pigs from a helicopter; killing wild pigs compared to farm pigs; feeding bodies to pigs; Rachael Dolezal; spray tans; oil and tanning when you were younger; Old Spice; barber slits customer’s with straight razor; Jeff Ross’ jail roast; crazy girls; sugar daddies; prostitution legality; dating a stripper; Amazon wishlists; Tom Segura’s Amazon wish list; the future of shopping; printers and 3D printers; printing animals; the future of technology; the future of medicine; guy with hole in cheek; body modifications; earrings in left/right ears or both ears; face piercings; pussy piercings; Kegal exercises; Russian lifts weights with her vagina; anal sex; controlling orgasms; Kegals for men; Brian flipping grapes off his dick into his mouth; quitting cigarettes; cigarettes and taste buds; Brian quitting smoking; asbestos and lung disease; 9/11 attacks air quality; Donna Summer’s death; 9/11 conspiracy theories; Tower 7 falling; France’s red zones; World War I; Dallas gunman; North Hollywood shootout; ; cigarettes suppress appetite; juicing; what he’s doing in LA; The Comedy Store; comedy clubs in New York; The Comedy and Magic Club; working with Joey Diaz; violence and gore on TV; drinking animal cum on stunts; a girl has an advantage in cum-drinking contest; yeast infections; Jim’s divorce; finding a normal girl; a relationship with a comedian is hard; dating a stripper; squirting is pee; squirting debate; how Brian’s penis shape makes girls squirt; Gary from Florida story; banging older women; moving to Florida to bang girls; Florida’s south vs. north; New Jersey stand-up comedy; specials now vs. Q: Word Association A: Sabbath Born Again- average album, terrible sound Angel- Kinda queer (hey!!!

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Did Iron Sheik or Beetlejuice give you that owie on your face when your were wearing a bandage on your chin during the entire season a couple years back? I did open for Slayer recently and got punched in the head from behind because some guy hated That Metal Show.

Greg asked how weird it was that Jim was probably listening right now, and Robin confessed that she hated the idea.

Howard wondered if she regretted “giving herself” to Jim, and Robin admitted she did: “Yes.

A: Everyone thought it was too mean for some reason.

Most likely it was because we didn’t show us telling the people it was a prank at the end of the bit.

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