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At Columbine High, Harris and Klebold were active in school play productions, operated video productions and became computer assistants maintaining the school's computer server.

The pair killed 13 people and injured 24 others, three of whom were injured as they escaped the attack.

Klebold attended Normandy Elementary in Littleton, Colorado for the first two grades before transferring to Governor's Ranch Elementary and became part of the CHIPS ("Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students") program.

He found the transition to Ken Caryl Middle School difficult.

The two then committed suicide in the library, where they had killed 10 of their victims. The family moved from Plattsburgh, New York, to Littleton, Colorado, in July 1993, when Wayne Harris retired from military service.

Background Eric Harris Eric David Harris was born in Wichita, Kansas. The Harris family lived in rented accommodations for the first three years that they lived in the Littleton area. In 1996, the Harris family purchased a house south of Columbine High School.

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