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The maker wanted a brand new card game that would change the world. For years, these seven clans have been fighting for this piece of ground. You must choose one of these seven clans and fight for your honor. Do you have the skills to achieve all 39 stars in this game? Will you be able to defeat the vicious creatures and collect the best items in the game? Try to arrange them so as to make combinations of three identical ones in order to remove them from the field and gain points!If you manage to remove more weapons than your opponent, you win the game!Dive into the exciting adventure of Zombie Tactics and make the characters work together in order to survive the apocalypse! Will you be able to earn enough money and buy the best weapons from the shop?Set out a strategic plan to defeat your enemies, send certain survivors out to hunt for supplies and become the perfect zombie-killing team! Dynamons are little pocket creatures you can take care of. Challenge other trainers and travel the world doing this. This is more an interactive movie instead of a game.

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Will you be able to collect the best cards for yourself and become an unstoppable force?

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Tikal has been kidnapped by a develish organization. Find out by playing this game and help Shadow save his friend. Of course they can't stop you and you will start the battle. Try to recreate the Roman Empire and do your best to achieve its glory!

They will do anything they can to safe the their world. Sometimes, you are a mighty warrior fighting for your land. Make your army and fight the rebelling neighbor kids.

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