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It has become our lifeline to those closest to us: our friends, our family, our life partners, our lovers.We worry about our children and want to know where they are and what they’re up to.Tracking uk is a online resource and blog focusing on the latest news and tips on how to use different mobile phone tracking technologies and location-based services in the UK.Our goal is to inform a broader audience on the pros and cons with this technology.

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At the 2017 Coachella Music festival in California, a fan located his stolen i Phone via the Find my i Phone app and uncovered more than 100 other i Phones that were also stolen, all placed in one backpack, BBC reports.

Schmidgall’s buddy Greg Torkelson knew of an app that would help Schmidgall find his phone: Apple’s “Find my i Phone”, according to ABC News.

Considering that the Android operating […] Everyone loves big events at which people have lots of fun.

Common examples include live concerts and shows, street parades and sports events like football matches and the Olympic Games.

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