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The day was filled with arguments over trial outcome measures and diagnosis definitions.

Leonore Tiefer, Ellen Laan and Rosemary Basson wrote a comment in the Journal of Sex Research examining the Missed opportunities at the October, 2014 meeting.

We will be sending letters and handmade vulva drawings to campus women’s centers and departments of women’s studies suggesting art-as-activism events and offering the help of the New View Campaign. The Vulva Museum, a rich online resource of historic and contemporary examples of positive vulva imagery in art, jewelry, sculpture, and graphic art.

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The New View Campaign organized an arts and crafts exhibit and political event titled “Vulvagraphics” on October 24-25, 2009 to celebrate the role of art in activism and to kick off a campus-based movement to celebrate genital diversity. Video, Wall, and Table Art shown in VULVAGRAPHICS: Joanie Blank, Femalia Gustave Courbet, Origin of the World Betty Dodson, The Vulva Drawings; Viva La Vulva Gene Greger, V Amber Hui, Rachel Liebert, & Daniel Ward, The Fitting Room Alexandra Jacoby, vagina vérité® Dorrie Lane, Vulva Puppet Rachel Liebert, International Vulva Knitting Circle Zoe Markwalter, Addressing the Box Nancy Redd, Body Drama Annie Sprinkle, Zen Pussy Judith Steinhart, Vulv Art Sub Rosa collective, Vulva De/Re Constructa Laura Szumowksi, Tip of the Iceberg III.

Since 2010, researchers have continued to produce overwhelming evidence that sexual problems are linked to contextual and relational factors far more than to physiological shortcomings.

This Bibliography includes another 34 counter-narratives to the medicalized view of womens sexual problems, extending the 2010 bibliography to 2014, including research published in well-respected journals without industry conflicts of interest.

Role of Vulva Diversity in Challenging Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS) Popular knowledge about women’s vulvas comes disproportionately from commercial sources such as magazines, pornography, and on-line surgery sites that are likely to digitally alter or airbrush genital images or include only selected models.

Most sex education texts focus on pregnancy and disease prevention and display few, if any, images of real bodies.

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