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“The unrealistic expectations are completely exposed… And we now see people in their 20s having porn-induced erectile dysfunction because they cannot get excited or aroused without the presence of pornography.” Not only is pornography use destroying the physical sexual life, it may be impacting the number of people pursuing marriage or committed sexual relationships.

If you think you’ve got warts on your bits, go to your GP or the sexual health clinic ASAP – to work out what’s going on and get treatment."Don’t use over-the-counter treatments, as these are designed for hands, not the very delicate parts of your genitals."A medical expert will likely use a cream or medicine to get rid of the warts, or will use cryotherapy to freeze them off. Check out this gonorrhea fact sheet from the CDC if you want to read up on the nitty gritty."Skip the weird at-home remedies and exercises, and work on understanding that size really, truly, doesn’t have much of an impact when it comes to delivering sexual pleasure."If you’re really self-conscious, use sex positions such as doggy style, which will make penetration feel deeper."Plus, a study from the Australian National University, Monash University, and La Trobe University found that the size of your penis a really weird procedure called 'scrotox' that can make your balls bigger, if you're interested. "First, make sure you have enthusiastic consent from both parties. Furthermore, according to a survey by researchers at Penn State, a quickie of only one to two minutes is "It depends on what you’re defining as sex (foreplay should count, really), but sex can last for as long as you fancy.“You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora’s box of visuals.There have probably been days when I saw 300 (naked women) before I got out of bed,” he told the magazine.According to an article in Psychology Today by clinical psychologist Tyger Latham, Psy.D, erectile dysfunction, while once considered an issue plaguing old men, is cropping up more in young men who rely heavily on pornography to become sexually aroused.

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    While he's now known for his expertise in health and exercise, Harper wasn't always interested in physical fitness.

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    Manager of the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre, where some of the advert was filmed, Deborah Caffull, said: 'While this video shows the tale of a toy dog - the sentiment behind the story is very real.'We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs just like Woody every day, all year round.'It was lovely to show all the different aspects of the work we do - from the inspector rescuing the dog, to him being treated by vets, looked after by our canine carers and volunteers before being rehomed.'This time of year is very busy for us as an animal rescue charity and everyone pulls together to help the animals that come into our care - and this video really shows that.' The advert, released on Friday, features an acoustic cover of the Simply Red song Stars, written by Mick Hucknall.

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    As Paul Ducklin predicted only a few days ago, scams related to Facebook’s launch of a video chat service powered by Skype are surfacing.